What’s In store for 2019?

Hey everyone another year has past and Bamm we just rolled into a another Brand New Year! Whats 2019 have in store for us? We dont know, but what I can say is we need to live each day like there’s no tomorrow to an extent. So look at this Brand New Year like being the First Day of the rest of your life , look at it as getting a clean slate and make the changes you want to make your life better.   My goals my dreams are to have my Business take off and do the things I love with my loved ones. My passion is Drag Racing which I have been doing now for over 20 years and when I look back at my life yes there are things I would love to do differently but looking at doing what I love to do I wouldn’t change a thing. So many memories with friends, wins and runner ups they will stay with me forever! Whats your goals and dreams? Share with us and let start a brand new page in 2019. Riccardi Racing is there to help you make those goals and dreams lets make a lifetime of memories. Happy New Year Everyone.

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