QA1 Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft

A QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft accelerates faster than a steel or aluminum driveshaft due to its lighter weight and lower inertia. In this test, using 55″ long driveshafts approximately 3.125″ in diameter, the steel driveshaft (blue line) weighed 15 lbs with a wall thickness of 0.083″ and the aluminum driveshaft (green line) weighed 7 lbs with a wall thickness of 0.125″. In contrast, the QA1 driveshaft (red line) weighed less than 6.5 lbs, even with a thicker wall of 0.110″. The lighter QA1 driveshaft was capable of handling nearly twice as much torque as the steel or aluminum driveshaft.

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