Ready for the road

2019 Race Season is right around the corner are you ready?

Well with Race Season starting in less then a week for most of us are you ready? When I say are you ready have you gone over everything you need id you are planning on traveling?
Here is a quick check list of this we make sure we have when we are heading out over the road.
1. Make sure tow rig has been gone over fluids, tires, wipers, basically everything from front to back
2. Make sure trailer is ready wheel bearings, tires are good, couplings are checked, safety chains, lights, road flares, locks
3. Extra coolant, oil trans fluid, washer solvent, rags.
4. Tools in trailer, floor jack, jack stands, blocks of wood, small propane torch, wire, connectors and crimpers
5. Fuel jugs, all safety gear for racing, funnels
6. Basically sit back and look at your race program from the previous year and make sure you know you have what you need.
7. Having everything you need when you head out on the road will end up costing you less money and aggravation in the long run cause if you dont have you will have to buy while on the road.
8. Leave yourself enough time to get to where your going and add in time for traffic.
9. Look into your route before you leave for construction and closures, last thing you need to do is be rerouted with a trailer and know where you can get fuel
10. Just relax and have fun thats why we do what we do cause we love it so dont stress!

If you follow your own check sheet you should be OK. Yes things happen but thats out of our control so just go with the flow.
If you have anything you would like to share on what you do to get ready feel free to chime in please!!

Ready for the road
Ready for the road
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