Weldon Racing Fuel Pump 16250-A


Weldon Racing Fuel Pump 16250-A at 250 GPH supports 2000+ HP

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  • 16250-A at 250 GPH supports 2000+ HP
  • Multiple position mounting holes allows for easy drop-in replacement for most existing large displacement electric pumps
  • Self priming and does not require mounting beneath the fuel cell
  • -12 o-ring ports – inlet / outlet
  • -8 o-ring port – return to tank
  • Uses the same Aerospace proven Teflon® lip seal as our other fuel pumps, eliminating the possibility of seeping, leaking or failure
  • 1.75 Sq In Teflon® diaphragm – the largest in the industry
  • Billet aluminum pump housing with MIL-SPEC anodizing
  • Integral adjustable relief valve which provides stable pressure compensation as fuel demand increases
  • Stainless Valve Seat with a .438″ return orifice
  • High efficient brush type electric motor
  • 10 vane steel pump element provides a balanced assembly ensuring precise and consistent fuel delivery under the most demanding conditions
  • Individually flow tested on gasoline and each pump is supplied with its own pump “dyno” sheet
  • Compatible with 12 to 16 volt systems
  • Weight is 7.5 lbs
Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 14.50 × 6.00 × 5.50 in
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